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About Dragon Fine Arts

Dragon Fine Arts is a fine art consulting firm serving both corporate and private clients. Dragon Fine Arts represents artists comprising three levels: emerging, mid and advanced career. We can assist businesses of all sizes and individuals with their art needs.  We are equipped to oversee all aspects of a project, from concept to installation.

Dragon Fine Arts maintains a unique marketing arrangement with major Atlanta galleries that creates a bridge of exposure for Nashvillians to a higher level of emerging national artists.  Dragon Fine Arts has an impressive portfolio of artists.  Exhibiting diverse art and statement-oriented works are two of Dragon Fine Arts goals.  Narrative subject matter is of particular interest to our company.

With regard to diversity, our company has helped Vanderbilt University to collect over 50 pieces of diverse art, paintings, photographs and sculptures.  They are produced by African American, Mexican, South American, Russian, and Jamaican artists.  We have access to art from Africa, the Ukraine, Russia, China, Thailand and other countries around the world.

Because of all of the sources from which we obtain our work we have access to all genres of art so that we can help our clients to find anything to suit their tastes and their needs and at all levels of pricing.  We can help our clients that wish to find investment quality works.  We believe that all collectors have a voice just as artists do and it is our pleasure to help people to find that voice.