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Featured artist Clint Herring – “Lillies” watercolor

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“To create a lasting and visually alluring piece of work, I reveal to the viewer the essential character or mood of the subject in the same way I was initially awed.”

Art at Bella Luce

Video from inside the exhibition

For anyone who would like to take a closer look at the artwork on display at Bella Luce, we captured some video from the event that shows a number of pieces by Auguste Rodin, plus work by Bruce Peebles, Jane Braddock, John Davis, and others. Full details for the exhibition are on our Events Page.

Rodin at Bella Luce on vimeo

  • John Davis - Dreamless Sleep

    John Davis - Dreamless Sleep

  • Bruce Peebles - The Journey

    Bruce Peebles - The Journey

  • Joseph Guay - November

    Joseph Guay - November

  • Charly Palmer - One More Day

    Charly Palmer - One More Day

  • Meghan Sisko - Blue Car and Wall

    Meghan Sisko - Blue Car and Wall

  • Gustavo Torres - Soledad

    Gustavo Torres - Soledad